Advantage was founded as a sales agency in the grocery channel.

Our extensive expertise in every aisle of the store, from the front end to the center store to perimeter perishables, and retailer-centric focus ensure strong headquarters relationships built on trust and results. Our Analytics, Insights & Intelligence group provides superior insights that are shared at headquarters and spur action in stores. Our customized deployment of retail services teams and reduced SKU count per associate result in more focused brand expertise.

Media, merchandising and display platforms offered by Advantage In-Store Media companies connect retailers and brands with shoppers at critical points along the path to purchase.


Advantage Fresh, a dedicated team serving meat, seafood, deli, dairy and bakery brands, has grown organically and through acquisitions of leading regional sales agencies specializing in the grocery industry’s store-perimeter sales.

This vertically aligned team, offering national coverage with regional expertise, includes dedicated category management professionals and retail specialists who gather in-store data, help place items at retail and educate retail employees about product traits and category trends.