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Analytics, Insights & Intelligence

Retail Services

Through powerful analytics, compelling visualizations and quantifiable recommendations, our Analytics, Insights & Intelligence team enables clients to meet the shopper with the right offer at the right moments along the purchase journey, fueling growth for brands and retailers.

Our 400 Ai2 experts unlock data to provide powerful insights and create custom business plans that shape long-term strategies, delivering measurable results and a quantifiable return on investment.


The Ai2 team leverages a proven analytic process focused on the 4 Ps that determine sales performance: price, product, place and promotion. Category experts collaborate with clients to develop solutions that align with — and strengthen — retailers’ category performance.


Connecting with today’s shoppers requires a mastery of the dynamics that influence behavior. Ai2’s shopper insights team members are fluent in syndicated and retailer-specific data. Our experts produce innovative, best-in-class solutions that help clients to fully understand the connection between products, shoppers and stores and between shopper behavior and sales performance and to activate the most effective targeted strategies.


Our proprietary Adlumina™ SaaS analytic platform enables organizations to shift valuable resources away from less productive data integration and reporting processes to time spent on developing insights. Users quickly move from the “what” and “so what” steps in the analysis process to the “now what” step that drives action and decision-making.

Powered by point-of-sale and panel data, Adlumina™ empowers sales teams to identify performance opportunities by asking and answering the right business questions.

By combining data simplification with a proprietary analytic workflow, Adlumina™ delivers high-impact insights faster and more effectively than ever before. High-quality, presentation-ready category insights are accessed and shared in minutes. For more information, email Jennifer Gruber at jennifer.gruber@advantagesolutions.net.


Leveraging the industry’s leading technology, our skilled space planning and assortment optimization experts provide visual planogram proposals and sales- and category-growing shelving and merchandising recommendations.

Our high-volume solutions are developed through our Space Planning Center of Excellence and delivered by our in-market and customer-embedded schematic analysts. Our team also provides analytics for clients who seek ad-hoc, on-demand or retainer-based space and assortment solutions.


The SMARTeam™ provides turnkey analytics and insightful storytelling that help clients advance their business goals. The team of certified professional researchers, category analysts, schematic architects, application designers and business planning strategists possess expertise spanning five disciplines: category management, merchandising architecture, market research, application design and creative and process design.

The team performs primary market research based on qualitative and quantitative questions, including in-store and online surveys. From aisle flow assessments to more robust path-to-purchase studies, the SMARTeam™ provides relevant and actionable insights that meet each client’s specific needs. See website for more details.