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Retail Services

Using best-in-class, proprietary technology, Advantage retail sales representatives set the standard for field execution.

Singularly focused on a brand or class of trade, our skilled continuity team members drive brand visibility and incremental sales, while on-demand and special project team associates are prepared to rapidly respond to special or urgent in-store execution needs.


Our customized approach to continuity retail coverage is unique. We operate syndicated, dedicated and hybrid teams of sales professionals with brand or class of trade expertise.

Our teams are focused on in-store selling and improving return on retail investment, ensuring distribution, pricing, promotion and schematic compliance, correcting voids and out-of-stocks, rotating product and ensuring new item placement.


When ad hoc projects call for merchandising services or incremental resources, Advantage's dedicated on-demand team delivers exceptional in-store execution with minimal lead times.

Our team’s tailored task services include assembly, auditing, in-store selling, mystery shopping, new item placement, point-of-sale placement, product recalls, rack building, product rotation, section mapping, store set support and warehouse inventory. Other services include commercial services and fulfillment.


Retail Services

Advantage’s retail technology platform includes innovative and proprietary field merchandising and in-store selling applications.

In-Store Merchandising

Advantage’s merchandising application supports distribution management by relaying accurate store-level authorizations. Our associates leverage retailer point-of-sale data to quickly identify and address store-specific SKU issues, including voids, out-of-stocks and out-of-dates. The software also powers live ordering, promotion compliance and competitive reporting.

In-Store Selling

Advantage's Pitch Book in-store selling application delivers professionally developed sales stories that are integrated with store-level data, empowering in-store personnel to effectively present new items and promotional event and display recommendations.

With access to a retailer's point-of-sale data, associates are able to present store managers with a clear picture of store-level sales and missed sales and create merchandising opportunities that will maximize profits.


Our robust reporting capabilities provide full real-time visibility to in-store conditions, trends and results. The platform supplies managers with tactics for responding to in-the-field conditions, tools to quickly analyze data and comprehensive dashboards to visually track key performance indicators and trends.