What we do

Retailer Services

Our clients typically realize a return of 2 to 4 times their initial investment in retail services.

We continuously invest in our retail technology, with more than 500 million data points collected over a rolling 24-month period informing store segmentation for optimal impact at retail. 

Our proprietary Pitchbook taps into POS data to drive successful in-store selling, enabling our U.S. and Canadian retail sales representatives to provide efficient, effective, insights-driven field execution across the retail spectrum.

Merchandiser speaking to store manager

Focused on a brand or class of trade, our skilled associates build strong store-level relationships, propelling product visibility and incremental sales.

Our custom client dashboards provide brands total insight to in-store execution and results.

Front-line technology

Our GPS-supported technology empowers our front-line associates to:

  • Organize, plan and prioritize store visits based on current store conditions
  • Provide SKU-level visibility to execution and performance by store
  • Impact on-shelf availability and rapidly improve shelf conditions
  • Capture images of activities tied to store-visit data
  • Access store-level POS data (where available)
  • Create orders to capture incremental sales
  • Create and track promotions at every customer
  • Gather store data in multiple formats

we deliver

Store segmentation based on millions of sales and volume data points and shopper insights
Dynamic store routing for the greatest efficiency flexibility, and return on investment
Superior product distribution, merchandising and in-stock conditions
Proactive in-store selling driven by store-level data (where available)
Price, promotion and schematic compliance
New-item and point-of-purchase placement
SKU-level reporting on in-store conditions
Data-driven projections for store volume and growth opportunities
Syndicated, dedicated or custom hybrid teams
On-demand, reset and special project services
1:12 ratio of supervisors to front-line associates, more than 90% employed full time